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Bungie made Destiny addictive on purpose!
November 13th, 2015 3:56 pm

Before I get started, you might want to consider what the Bungie Weekly Update – 11/05/2015 said:

Whenever, wherever, and however you play Destiny, the mad scientists in Bungie User Research are watching. Every helmet you don, every weapon you wield, and every enemy you dispatch (and how) becomes a data point in our matrix of carnage and mayhem. The numbers add up to a mountain of learnings we can use to refine the player experience.

Not only has Bungie programmed the action in a formulaic mode, they created a world that is oddly lifeless, and while many will say that there is now a story with TTK, the plot alternates between baffling and non-existent and the whole thing has failed to deliver on its pre-release hype.

And yet people cannot seem to stop playing Destiny.

Destiny Support Group - #RTES A comedic video of a Destiny Support Group - that is closer to the truth than it is funny. (the video includes a Destiny FanBot/Sherpa)

One of the highest-profile video ga...
Bungie worked hard to trap you in Destiny
November 13th, 2015 12:43 pm

Article from GamesRadar+

Ever wondered why you’re still playing Destiny? Still grinding for the ultimate pair of boots? Still dreaming about it…? Well the staggering average 77 hours playtime we've all put in so far was helpfully explained by Bungie’s John Hopson at GDC. In his ‘User Research On Destiny ’ presentation he revealed the secrets of the ways the game was tested for the ultimate experience where we'd just keep coming back for more. 

Play-testing took place in a specific lab where players of all types tested Destiny. The team identified 5 kinds of players - short and long campaigners, short and long omnivores and the specialist. Bungie focussed especially on the ‘omnivore’, a player type that would play multiple types of content and that’s what it wanted to promote with Destiny’s various game modes.

Testing started an impressive three years before release - months ahead of Halo 2 and 3's seemingly paltry exercis...

Petition for Bungie's contemplation
November 3rd, 2015 11:56 pm
We are willing to work with developers and management to remedy much, if not all, discord along with as much of the animosity as possible. We are aware that being a business, that there is a need for profit, and do not wish to bring any party of this collective into abatement, but rather confluence.

While there are many people on the forums posting that they are through with this game, you must realize that research indicates that for every complaint expressed there are over 25 unregistered complaints. Many dissatisfied customers just quietly take their business elsewhere. Therefore, organizations that are truly committed to customers work hard at providing their customers opportunities to complain and do what they can to show that something is being done to make corrections. Here are some other stat's that can be found:
  1. A 5% reduction in the customer defection rate can increase profits by 5 – 95% – Bain & Company
  2. A dissatisfied customer will tell between 9-15 people about thei...