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I Won’t Always Tell You I Love You, But I’ll Show You
Tuesday - February 2, 2016 1:18 pm
I’ve always thought love should be more than just words said now and then, or written on special occasions or in some type of a text that is embedded with “I love you”. Words don’t keep you warm at night and they certainly don’t go to the store with you. I’ve always thought love was about more than just being there.

I won’t tell you every second of everyday that I love you, but when I say it you won’t ever doubt it. I won’t say it, but I’ll show you day in and day out. I won’t always remember to tell you I love you before work, but I’ll call you just to check in with you. I won’t always put notes in your lunch, but you’ll be the only thought that crosses my mind.

I won’t always write you love letters, but I’ll help make the bed, or help clean up, or do something just for you every day, I’ll make you breakfast some days, I’ll get up to get you the things you’re too lazy to move for, I’ll start the car so you don’t have to sit in the cold, I’ll make sure you remember something that is important, I’ll always worry about you, I’ll pick up your favorite candy when I’m at the store, I’ll bring you home surprises sometimes just so you know I still care, I’ll always ask how your day was, and I’ll be sure to listen.

I might not climb the highest mountain top and shout about my love for you, but I’ll write down our stories, I’ll look at you and smile, because I know how lucky I am to have you. There won’t ever be a famous novel or movie about our love story, but I’ll always remember the exact moment I knew that I fell in love with you and I’ll tell anyone who’ll listen that you have always been the greatest thing to happen to me.

I won’t always hold your hand in the car, but I’ll always be willing to help you do the dishes, I’ll take interest in the things that matter to you, I’ll support any hobbies you randomly take up, I’ll read your favorite book, I’ll always ask for seconds when you cook even if it’s not good, I’ll always be happy in the mornings because I get to wake up next to you, and I’ll never leave on an angry note.

I can’t promise you words of love written on the back of pictures, but I can promise to never walk away from you, I promise to always apologize when I’m wrong, to always sit in silence when you just need someone to listen, I promise to eat your favorite cereal, I promise to buy your favorite things just because they remind me of you, and I promise to always be thankful for the things that remind me of you.

I can’t promise to tell you I love you over and over, but I promise you’ll always know I do. The “I love you’s” will be painted in everything I do for you every day, it’ll be written across my face every time I see you, and it’ll always be permanently written on my heart. I love you won’t always be in my words, so you’ll have to listen more carefully, and if you do you’ll understand that how much I love you could never be spoken.
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