Kadeim's Journal

Kadeim's Journal - Introduction
Author Kadeim
Tuesday - January 10, 2017 4:01 pm
While mankind is no stranger to strife. For most, the trials of life have shaped and defined them. For some, there is no end in sight for their tribulations. As with most, they overcome challenges ranging from discovering their identities, to averting catastrophes of colossal proportions.

Kadeim's Journal is the journey of a rematerialized human, one that is called a Guardian. From the first moment of this new life, what follows is the quest he experiences as he perseveres through the endeavors and his efforts in trying to resolve what is faced by all guardians. The journey to find the truth, the history and the reasons of what happened, and the reasons behind his "resurrection" and the enigma of everything that he encounters.

His journey helps him try to piece together the puzzle of why he is here, while fitting into a world that he has no memory of, or knowledge about.

Disclaimer: I own nothing except the right to play game, except the character that is Kadeim, and other guardians he encounters, all other characters and events are copyright of Bungie and Activision. The story involves the dialogs with other Guardians, and the information and dialog of what is in Destiny, which involves copyrighted materials of Bungie and Activision.

Portions of the story are copyright of Kadeim's Destiny. This includes my thoughts about what is going on in Destiny, and that of conversations between Kadeim and the other Guardians that he encounters.
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