Kadeim's Journal

Kadeim's Journal - A Guardian Rises
Author Kadeim
Tuesday - January 10, 2017 4:12 pm
Kadeim's Journal - A Guardian Rises
It was a cold, autumn like, day and the sky was bright. Clouds littered the blue atmosphere above and as I continued looking around, the wind was blowing snow across the area, and the sun was hanging above horizon. There was some patches of snow on the ground. The entire area filled with rubble that littered the streets, abandoned rusting wreckage of vehicles; many looked as if they held full human families, their bones picked clean and bleached by time.

Wind blew through the individual leaves of the trees, the sun blasted golden outlines around the clouds it was hiding behind, and mountains loomed in the distance.

He then walked away from the wall to Old Russia the demo would ultimately take place in, backpedaling towards a cliff's edge. Below was a vast valley with a river winding through it and

Close by, there was like a large dilapidated building. Yet it also looks like a wall that went on forever. I heard the voice again, saying, "It worked. You're alive! You don't know how long I've been looking for you."

Again, the small orb like object spoke, "I'm a Ghost. Actually, now I'm your Ghost. And you... well, you've been dead a long time. So you're going to see a lot of things you won't understand."

Dead? What did it mean I was dead, and for a long time? I was about to ask it what it was talking about, when all of a sudden, off in the distance, I heard a strange guttural roar that sounded as if it was off in the distance, but not so far as to not feel concerned. The Ghost, as the object called itself, also turned around to look in the direction that the sound was coming from, then it quickly turned back to face me. It said "This is Fallen territory. We aren't safe here. I have to get you to The City. Hold still," the Ghost ordered.

This was unbelievable, not comprehendible at all. I couldn't remember anything as to why there was all this destruction. I couldn't even remember anything of my life, who was I and why am I here, where is here? What did it mean that I would see things that I wouldn't understand? Why wouldn't I understand? Who and what are the Fallen?

The Ghost disappeared from my sight, and then everything turned black, all of a sudden, everything came back and I could look around again. The Ghost wasn't in my sight, but there was some type of an indicator that was in my sight. What was this thing? What happened? All of a sudden I heard the ghost say to me "Don't worry, I'm still with you. We need to move. Fast." The ghosts voice seemed to be broadcast into my ears.

I could tell that I was now standing up, and I looked down at my hands and noticed they were covered in a black rubber-like substance. I could tell that my entire body was in some type of armored suit. I don't know how, but just wanting to know something about what I was wearing, and even what I was carrying, the information would appear in, what I would call, a visual display system. This system is very interesting, it was providing navigational information, with an arrow on something that looked like a radar screen at the top left of my VDS and a diamond shaped indicator that stayed positioned in the direction to travel. I was also able to see what the objective was, that the Ghost had told me that I needed to accomplish, like informing me that I had to get into the wall: "Take refuge inside the ancient wall." It also displayed information like my name, or call sign, which was Kadeim, it also displayed 'Level 1,' 'Hunter,' 'Human'. What does this information mean? Hopefully I'll find out from someone.

The armor pieces that I had on included a Prototype 0.9C Helmet, that required level 1, it had a defense ability of 16 and that my Ghost built this wire armor from available mass. It handles life support, but little else. I also was able to find out about my gauntlets, chest armor and boots.

I started to look around and not believing what I could see all around me as I started to walk towards the building that the indicator was showing me. I started to slowly move in the direction of the marker. As I walked, I was looking into the abandoned vehicles and glancing around at the landscape. I heard this strange sound, that almost sounded like something speaking a strange language, in an grovelled voice. The Ghost abruptly stated "I didn't bring you back just for you to die again. We have to move."

I wondered what this Ghost thing really was, and why was I suppose to do what it told me to do, when all of a sudden the Ghost say "We won't survive long out in the open like this. Let's get inside The Wall." This Ghost, wasn't in front of me, and I couldn't see it anywhere around me. Yet it would appear, floating just above my hand, if I held my hand out. I couldn't figure out exactly where this little mechanical thing was, but I could hear it clearly inside my helmet as it talked.

I continued looking around to see if I could see the creatures that were making these strange sounds, yet there wasn't anything in my view. I could see nothing, other than the destruction that had taken place, and the decaying debris of what remained.

This Ghost thing, once again chimes in saying, "I didn't bring you back just for you to die again. We have to move. You can hear me right? We are going to die out here. I need you to trust me on this, we'll be safer inside."

This thing, was sounding extremely insistent that I do as it said. Something about the way it was talking made me leery. It had said all these things about how dangerous it was here, and even though I could hear these strange sounds, I wanted to see for myself what I was suppose to be afraid of out here.

I could see for quite a distance, so I should be able to see them long before I would need to worry, or at least I hoped that would be the case. I also wondered, if this Ghost was able to revive me from being dead for so long, wouldn't it be able to revive me again?

I continued to look inside the vehicles and around the area. As I walked around, I saw that I was on some type of plateau. The bridge had been collapsed, and it looked like some type of basin that it had once spanned. As I was walking around and looking to see if I could find any clues as to what happened, it dawned on me...

Clearly this Ghost has lied to me, there is no danger here! I realized that this Ghost, this deceitful little light, would have me engage in some type of fool's errand!

I'm not sure how I knew this, but I knew that most people were terrible listeners. People were such poor listeners, in fact, that they didn't know how much they they were missing. I had found that most people sought to talk rather than listen, as talking seemed far more useful and attractive than listening.

Most people would stay inside their own head, and think about better ways to put their case. I remembered that when most people are paying attention to the speaker, they are not listening to what is being said, but listening for a space in which they can interject with their reply. Because most people listen with the intent to reply, not to understand what is really being said.

People need to shut up and listen! They need to recognize knowledge and wisdom are not gained by talking, but by listening. There is far more to be gained by surrendering the floor than by dominating it. They fail to realize the value of everything that can be gleaned from the minds of others. They need to focus on what’s being said. This way, they have a better understanding of the real intentions that others are trying to put forth.

People say as much (if not more) with their actions, inaction’s, body language, facial expressions, etc. Sometimes they say more than they do their verbal communications. Don’t be lulled into thinking that because someone is not saying something they’re not communicating. In fact, most people won’t overtly verbalize opposition or disagreement, but they will almost always deliver a very clear message with their non-verbals. Intuitive listeners are looking for the story behind the message, and the opportunity beyond the issue.

I turned around and started to move, at little faster pace, towards the building. As I entered the doorway, I was looking around as I walked. The place was looked as if there hadn't been anything happening for a long time. Once inside, it was dusty, rundown and falling apart. Pipes and wires lined the walls of the hallway. The walls looked like they were made of cement, and in many places, was crumbing. Pieces were missing from the wall and I could see the iron rods that were inside the walls to helped hold, and strengthen, the cement. I could hear squeaking noises in the distance, along with dripping water. There were sounds like talking, it was a strange language that I couldn't make out, and the voices were very gravelly sounding.

Just inside the door, the hallway immediately turned to the left, and a short distance away were some stairs. As I went up the stairs and turned right the Ghost stated "Okay, I need to find you a weapon before the Fallen find us."  

Again, it talks about the Fallen! Who, or what, are the Fallen?

As I continued onward through the winding hallway, and up the stairs until I came upon a metal catwalk. To the right was a large window, but the glass was so dirty that I couldn't see through it. It looked like the large window that I saw while outside, it was above, and to the right of, the entryway where I had entered the facility.

All of a sudden, the Ghost, in a hushed voice, said "Quiet. They're right above us."

I slowed down even more, as we entered an extremely dark area. All of a sudden there was like a flashlight shining that allowed me to see things. That didn't last long, as the Ghost moved away from me, and left me in the dark. As it did is stated, "Hang tight. Fallen thrive in the dark. We won't. We need more light. I'll see what I can do." It continued talking, "Another one of these hardened military systems and a few centuries of entropy working against me." as I saw it traversing off in the distance.

As the Ghost started to speed up, traveling away from me, I saw, in the restricted lighting that it was emitting, some movement on the walls and pipes that were in the distance.

It didn't take long before the lights started to turn on, and I could see, clearer, the strange looking creatures moving around on the pipes. I saw more of these creatures coming across a metallic walkway, a bridge of sorts, and they were heading in my direction. There were also some strange looking round objects floating in mid-air, and traveling my way. The Ghost shouts to me "They're coming for us!"

To the right of where I was standing, a gated door started opening and I started walked towards it, it was revealing a small room with some sort of rifle leaning against something that looked like a metal box. The Ghost stated "Here! I found a rifle! Grab it!" I see a message flash on my VDS telling me that the gun is a Khvostov 7G-02. As I picked it up the Ghosts interjects, "I hope you know how to use that thing."

I did know how to use the gun. I do really understand the things I am hearing and seeing, but I do know things. Now, what I don't know, what I don't understand, at least not yet, is this world and what I am really doing here. I know that I am human, and that I am classified as a hunter, but what does that actually mean in this strange world that I have been thrust into with little, to no knowledge, about what is going on or what is going to happen. I really want to understand, I want to know what it means to be a hunter in this world, and I want to know what really happened in this world.

I used my VDS to see what information it had on the Khvostov, The display said: "An ancient instrument of war, battered and worn - but it still fires true. Perhaps it's been waiting for you." Type: Auto Rifle, Attack: 20, Rate of Fire 62, Impact 20, Range 12, Stability 30, Reload 52, Magazine 25.

Ok, my VDS has a lot of information, but what does this information mean? What does the attack statistic and the other information really mean? Why does it not let me know the exact ammo capacity that I can carry in this information?

As I continued walking down the hallway and turned at the first corner, I was suddenly startled by something that quickly darted around the corner of the hallway in front of me. The Ghost blurts out "What was that?"

This is so strange. I keep seeing messages flash, and I think that the information is telling me of where I am; telling me the name of the location where I am currently entering. I'm silently thinking of questions. What is this? What is going on? Why am I blindly following this strange little "Ghost?"

After turning the next corner, I heard a faint buzzing sound. Wondering what that sound was, I looked up, in the direction of the sound, and saw something glowing on the cross bars just above me. I jumped up to see if I could get a closer look, and was given a quick message that flashed on my VDS saying "Revive Dead Ghost." I jumped up again, following the instructions given to me by my VDS, and my VDS displayed a message, something about "Exo Stranger."

The message said that I had to connect to some other system to get more information, so I crouched down, and while kneeling went ahead and connected to that other system. It looked like a sizable database of information, but there was a lot of missing information, and I wasn't really sure what it was for, but as I looked through I found one that said: "Ghost Fragment: The Exo Stranger." The message contained:
    "I stand here now and now and now many times, this view, this ground...
    This is where I always choose to stand. I put my feet where I put my feet before and where I will again and I look at the sky.
    Great things moving, rendered small with distance, lesser things not moving, watching me.
    I always stand here, resolute. Then fall back to that point, there, where everything shatters...
    (The sky isn't special here, certainly no better than any other sky, but it's the view I know best.)
    The silent avalanche begins. Rock and dust. Falling chaos. Machines, as a rule, hate chaos.
    Our enemies outflank us from below, above, left, right, before, beyond. The Traveler - shattering. There are always the dead. Their names shift. Sometimes I think I see myself among the dead.
    But I am resolute."

As I read it I was wondering who was this Exo Stranger, and leaving such an enigmatic message. Right after I finished reading the message, the Ghost interjected, "Eye's forward, watch your tracker."

I continued down the hallway and around the corner I saw 2 strange creatures. They screeched out and as I continued, cautiously, walking towards them they suddenly aimed their weapons towards me, so I opened fire on them, killing both of them. They were extremely strange looking creatures that wore some type of armored uniforms, one mostly red and the other mostly black. When I first saw them, the display called the bigger one a Vandal, and the other, a much smaller one, a Dreg. The closest to me was the Vandal, and after the firefight I tried to inspect them both.

The Vandal had six-limbs, 4 of which were long arms, each with its own set of wickedly sharp looking claws, and it was taller and obviously stronger than the Dreg. It wore a white and red suit of armor. I couldn't get a closer look at its head, as my reaction was to shoot first and inspect later, and I had shot both creatures in the head. The gun was more powerful than I had anticipated, so there was nothing left of either creatures heads. But what I do remember seeing was two, large, downward facing curved horns on the Vandals head.

The Dreg was slightly shorter than the Vandal, and was covered in patchy black metal armor with a red helmet. I saw that it had two arms holding 3 fingers each, with two stubs wrapped in dirty white bandages under them. Both creatures had feet shaped like cloven hoofs.

As I continued my way through the passageway, that my VDS called the Breach, I walked slowly, as this area offered little cover. A couple of these Fallen Dregs dropped into my path. I quickly used my rifle to mow them down. Suddenly, another one dropped, nearly on top of me, so I quickly thrust a knife, that was attached to my suit, and quickly dispatched the creature from this world.

This area was a little larger, I could tell that I was getting past the narrow hallways and getting into what looked like it was more of a work area. The walkway was a larger steal grid with huge I-beams, apparently, holding it together. There were also some creates that were stacked, and what looked like it might be some type of generator. I could see that, just ahead, there was a larger area. I could hear sounds, of clanking and like there were some more of the Fallen in that area, so I checked my tracker, and it informed me that there was indeed something just ahead. I crouched down and started to inch my way closer to see if I could investigate the situation before having to take any action.

All of a sudden another Dreg spotted me, and a firefight ensued. At least there was some cover where I could dart behind as bullets were flying through the air. I continued firing my gun at them as I kept ducking and weaving. I would hide behind things and sneak shots off as I would lunge around the edge of my cover, and quickly retreat behind it as needed, so not to get shot.

Being out numbered, there was something that was noticeable about the way that these creatures fought. They were not extremely aggressive in their fighting. Oh, yes, they were shooting, and trying to take me out, but they were mostly staying back and making potshots, as if to keep me from advancing. They were not really trying to outmaneuver me, or using any type of strategy to flank me. So, with noticing this, I continued to push forward, slowly at first, and then as I took some of them out of the fight I began to get more aggressive on my attack.

Finally, I was down to the last one, a Vandal, and I had already wounded him pretty badly, so I charged after it while opening fire upon it and it finally succumbed to all the wounds. Just as it went down, the Ghost said, "There's more ahead; keep it up."

I immediately looked on my tracker, but saw no sign of anything ahead. So how did this Ghost know that? Had it already been through here, and knew? I don't really trust this thing, especially after it seemed to blatantly lie to me when we were outside. It seems to have type of agenda that it isn't telling me. It tells me to do things, and is leading me on a path that might lead me to my own destruction. I seems to me that I need to be more cautious of it, than the enemies I am encountering.

Just ahead, there was another catwalk bridge. As I started crossing it, I was looking around to see what I could see. This building, or "wall" as the Ghost was referring to it as, was huge. Straight ahead there was some type of red Flag, or banner, hanging with a symbol on it. The symbol was white and yellow lines that was shaped in an almost tree like shape. This area, showed that this thing is several stories high, and had large pipes, or round ducts, and several areas had, what looked like, platforms.

As I got closer to the other side of the bridged catwalk, I saw a container and the ghost blurted out "loot cache, let's see what's inside." It was a strange looking container, having no real corners, was a rectangular shape and was gold color on the bottom and a steal-ish gray top. As I got up close, the VDS gave me a message saying "Collect Loot" and I opened it by following the instructions on my VDS. Inside, was a Calcutta-LR2, Sniper Rifle. I inspected the gun and loaded it with shells.

I went down a small stairwell and turned left, around the corner. As I tuned the corner the Ghost yelled out "Trip Mines, don't touch them." I noticed the container that was emitting the laser beam and shot it with my auto rifle. Several Dregs came into sight. As I continued down the pathway, I shot these things as I came across them. Two jumped out from the floor, so I continued fighting my way through these creatures while taking out those laser beamed trip mines.

After each firefight, I have noticed white and green cube like items and found out that they contained ammo for my guns. The white ones contained ammo for my primary weapon, which was the auto rifle, and the green ones contained ammo for my sniper rifle. There were also these little blue cubes that I now know is called Glimmer, I guess it's the currency that is used.

At the end of this corridor, I came upon a larger room that had several Vandals and Dregs. As I engaged them more reinforcements came in and it soon escalated into a major battle which culminated into me being totally outnumbered.

I kept switching between the sniper rifle and the auto rifle, as they hid behind beams and other objects that were scattered around the area. The battle didn't really last as long as I thought it might take, simply because they weren't real aggressive fighters, and didn't seem to have a strategic fighters mentality.

After the firefight, the Ghost said, “The Fallen have a tighter hold on this place than I thought. Just a little bit further. Let’s hope there’s something left out there…”

I decided to look around the area, it was a multilevel area that had a lot of junk laying around. there were a couple more of those red banners which were tattered and torn. There were strange symbols on the walls and many of the items that were around the room. I saw a huge hole inside this area that came out of the furthermost wall. I also saw a portal type of doorway on the right side of the room.

As I was waling around, I continued to pick up ammo packs that I found. I also found another one of those Dead Ghosts, and revived it. The message said something about "Cosmodrome." It was beneath an overhead walkway, just to the left of where I entered, and it was on another lower walkway that had several pipes running along the side.

After, what I thought was a thorough inspection of the area, I went through the portal that was to the right of where I entered. I was a vent-like pathway that had fans and fencing like grates, that I was able get through. While some of the fans were broken, there was one at the very end that was still turning.

I thought about what the Ghost had just said, and also I hoped there was something on the other side of this wall that help me better understand what was really going on here. Personally, I'm surprised the wall itself is still standing, by the condition things looked they were in throughout the enter facility.

It was a short walk when it opened up into a large area. Just as I was getting there, my VDS said Divide. "This was the old Cosmodrome," Ghost said. "There’s got to be something we can fly out of here." Ok, so which is it, I thought. Is it the Divide, or is it the Old Cosmodrome? I wondered why I was given two different names for this area. It could possibly the entire area is called the Old Cosmodrome, while certain areas within it have other names, but right now, I don't know for sure; hopefully I can get more information from someone, or someplace.

Once I got outside of the "wall," I saw that the entire the place was a mess. I stopped just outside and looked around. The entire area was covered with rubble and the buildings had metal siding that was covered with rust. It was obvious that the entire area had been a battle zone. As I moved forward, there was suddenly a howling sound followed by three bangs and I saw a flare go flying into the air. At first I thought it was someone looking for me for assistance, against some creatures, possibly the ones from which just made that howling sound. Unfortunately it was quickly followed by several loud booms, like claps of thunder. Off to the right I saw a large tower come tumbling down, and a strange looking hole that appeared in the sky, as if was being ripped open, and several ships seemed to just materialize as they emerged from those strange holes. The Ghost yelled "Incoming..." "Fallen ships, this close to the surface. Move!"

Move? What do you mean move? Where to? I thought to myself. I knelt down and looked through my sniper scope. I saw many "Fallen" drop in waves from a ship, but they came down behind a building and a small wall.

I knelt down onto one knee and waited to see if any of those creatures was coming my way, but nothing seemed to be coming my way, so I moved slowly towards the location that I saw the Fallen drop. I wondered if this "Ghost" was really trying to help me or not.

As I moved forward, slowly, I kept looking at the "Tracker," to see if I could locate them before the could locate me. I was hoping to find a location where I could take out more of them, while providing myself with some cover from return fire. I was hoping that I could wisely forgo a direct attack, but I came to the conclusion that the entire area seemed like I would have a poor defensive position for so many; especially if these creatures had any real defensive, or offensive, battle strategy.

Knowing the time for battle had come, I began to move forward and started to get into battle, I again noticed that these Fallen seemed like they weren't really ready for a battle and were in disarray; yet they continued on to attack. At first they were coming towards me, but as I took more of them down, they began to retreat towards a place that was narrow, and could be very advantageous for themselves, while extremely ruinous for me. Regardlessly, I continued forward and attacked more furiously and ..... by the enemy, who outnumbered me, I started running towards them, when a sniper came out.

I took refuge behind some type of tank like machine that had legs almost like a spider. As I was hiding behind this Spider Tank, I thought that this would give me the perfect opportunity to try to hone my sniping skills. I grabbed my sniper rifle, got in a crouch position, and lined up my shot. I was able to take the sniper out quickly, as it didn't really try to hide behind anything, but rather continued standing - albeit behind a small mound.

There wasn't any more red on my tracker, so I figured that they retreated back far enough I could scout out the area a little before continuing in the direction that they went, and it just so happened that it was the direction that I was being told that I had to go. Hmm, interesting.

The entire area is turning into a run down pile of rubble. There had to have been a huge battle here, with the destroyed "Spider" tank that was laying in the middle of a large courtyard, and the two tanks that were getting buried in the dirt, where I first came out from the wall. Most of the buildings outer shells where falling down. There where also several broken concrete bridges that had tracks on them; making me think that some type of train traversed them. A number of small trees were growing, and there were also several trucks, a couple that were on their sides. I also found some rooms that were missing their doors, but they didn't have anything of real interest in them.

I also found some more of those "Dead Ghosts," one was in a large round cylinder that was on a flatbed train bed. It was obvious that the train bed was sitting there for a long time, as it had dirt and debris around it and the tracks were all but covered with dirt. The message that flashed by as I revived it was "Ghost Fragment: Earth." The other one, I could have almost missed, as it was located on what looked like a billboard sign that spanned across a small building and the larger building. This billboard was straight ahead from where I entered the area from the wall, or as the VDS called it "The Breach." The message displayed from this "Dead Ghost" was "Ghost Fragment: Mysteries"

After taking some time to look around, I decided to go to the big building that was just down the beaten path, where I could see the enemy guarding the entrance. I decided that rather than just rushing in, blasting away, I would probably find it much easier to just snipe them, as they didn't like staying out in the open, but would continually peek their heads out, around the corner of where they were hiding.

So from the rooftop of a small building that was almost straight across from the entrance, I crouched down, and shot them in the head, one after another until I killed a good amount of them. After the majority were down, I felt it would be fine for me to continue on using my auto rifle to take out the rest that I saw. I was also hoping that their wouldn't be any reinforcements coming in at the same time.

As I closed in, something else joined the fight, my VDS called them Shanks. I had also noticed some other messages flashed across the VDS, but could catch the messages as I was busy trying to keep from being shot.

The Shanks went down fairly quickly. They were strange looking hovering mechanical things. They were oval shaped, pink in color and had what looked like ears. Not sure if the where for hearing, or some type of radar system. They would explode when shot, leaving only small amount of debris; I was hoping to be able to get a closer look at them but there wasn't much left after bringing them down.

As I was finishing off all the enemies, I was informed that I was given a higher "level" rating, and also received an additional weapon called an "Incendiary Grenade." I trudged on and headed inside.

I walked into an area that looked almost like an office area, or at least where a supervisor might have once used for reports and office type work. I also ran into some more Dregs there. I used my new grenades and my auto rifle to quickly dispense of the Dregs.

The Ghost informed me "I'm picking up signs of an old jumpship. Could be our ticket out of here," I wondered if there were more ahead, but my question was already answered when I walked around the corner and saw more of them, just as the Ghost said “There’s a ship,” Ghost said, “Clear them out!”

I looked at the ship, and there was a large creature on it, and my VDA said, "Rahn, Devil Captain," who was standing on top of the jumpship; appearently the one that the Ghost had said was 'our ticket out of here.' The ship itself looked old, like something you would find at a junkyard. It had a few missing exterior parts here and there, but overall, it was still mostly together.

I immediately started shooting at the Captain, as he was jumping down, thinking that I should try to take out the leader first, if I could; my intuition was that by doing this, the rest of them would be more likely be disorganized. Unfortunately, this Captain proved to be more of a challenge than I had anticipated. He had some sort of energy shield that protected him from damage, but only for so long. The moment, his shield went down, I threw the incendiary grenade I had and let the auto rifle do the rest. He quickly hid behind some stuff, so I went after the rest of the enemies in the same room. Once the room was cleared, went to the ship to take a closer look. “Alright, let me see if I can get us out of here,” Ghost said, as he started scanning the ship. “It’s been here for awhile. Hasn’t made a jump in centuries,” Ghost continued, which made me a somewhat nervous. “We’re lucky the Fallen haven’t completely picked it clean.” “Will it fly?” I asked. “I can make it work,” Ghost said as it disappeared into the ship and it very shortly started up and return to being operational. It sounded like all its systems were coming online, and the ship started to level out. “Okay,” Ghost said, “It’s not going to break orbit, but it just might get us to the city. Now—about that transmit…” and as he was saying something, more Fallen started to arrive via a huge hole in the wall; one of them was big; bigger than any of the others that I’ve encountered. “Bringing you in,” Ghost said and before I realized what he said, I was in the ship and was taking off. I assumed that either the Ghost was controlling it, or it had some type of auto pilot. “We can come back to them when you’re ready. Let’s get you home,” the Ghost uttered suddenly, as the ship started to lift up, and going through the huge hole in the ceiling.

As we went through the roof, I noticed at human shaped figure standing on the roof. But we started to take off to fast for me to get a better look.

As we were flying towards the Last City, I was contemplating what I just experienced, and I thought that I would use my VDS to look over the information that was in the database system; hoping that I could find out more about everything that had happened, so far.

So what was that wall all about? I was told that I wasn't safe outside the wall, and yet, those creatures were also inside. How? Why? Are there not others around to keep them from coming inside?

There is much that I don't know about this world that I am now in, I was told that I was a Guardian before, but there are somethings that just are not making sense. Maybe there is someone at the last city that will be able to tell me something that will help make some sense as to what is really happening, what did happen.

How, and why, did I get those advancements messages about "leveling?" I am a level 2 now, but I have no idea why, or how come I got that leveling. Was it from the number of of so called "enemies?"

Something else I find puzzling, and a little suspicious, is the database that I can connect to, to find out information about the strange messages I receive in my VDS. It is called Grimoire, which means "A manual of magic or witchcraft used by witches and sorcerers." Now, the lore, on witches and sorcerers, is supposed to have evil or wicked magical powers; I do know that sometimes it is referenced towards someone that is good and does good, but generally it "conjures up" negative connotations.

We finally reached the city and was dropped off at the Tower and the Ghost immediately said "Welcome to the last safe City on Earth--the only place The Traveler can still protect. It took centuries to build. Now, we're counting every day it stands. And this Tower is where the Guardians live."

My VDS was displaying a welcome message: "Welcome Hunter, Cayde-6, the mentor of new Hunters arriving in the Tower can help you with some equipment." The VDS was showing me to move forward. As I started to move forward, there was a red and gray robot, which called itself Unit 99-40G something, either X,S,L or possibly F, I couldn't quite make out the last character, but it had a Female voice, and said " ready to help." It was standing near a small pillar object that had plants growing. A message on my VDS informed me that I could view a map.

I found out that Cayde-6 was in the Hall of Guardians, so I went there. When I arrived, and went up to him, which I called Cayde-6 a 'him' because of the male sounding voice, he asked me, "Could you use something here?" I was welcomed to the fight and received a 'Hunter's Cache' constisting of a Chest Armor piece called "Tracker 1.0" and 50 pieces of Glimmer. I saw that he carried other pieces of armor and emblems. Some armor pieces were referenced as 'Hunter Armor' while other pieces were referenced as 'Vanguard Armor.' Much of what he had, I was unable to acquire, as it told me that I had to get to certain levels and some I would need to reach a certain 'rank.' As I was leaving, he said "Hey, good luck out there!"

Something else I noticed was that he wasn't really there. What I mean is that I could walk right through him, like he was some type of hologram. I found this interesting, and at the same time, puzzling. If he wasn't real, then what was he?

I was instructed, through my VDS, to 'Equip New Armor,' which I did. The new piece upgraded my defense to 22. Still not sure exactly what that means, so I am just assuming that it is some type of increased protection against attacks against me, the information about this armor said 'Field wire stiffens on impact, converting enemy gunfire into heat, shrapnel, and bruises.

Next I went to the 'Gunsmith' who is called Banshee-44 and was given a selection of weapons to choose from. I chose the Trax Callum I, Scout Rifle (26 Attack.)

Then I went to the 'Shipwright' and her name is Amanda Holiday, where I am not really sure why I was told to go and see her, as she said that I received an Arcadia Class Jumpship of which was nothing more than what I already had grabbed from the planet.

After this, I was then instructed to 'Go To Orbit.'

Once I got into orbit, I received messages about Eris Morn and 'New content Dark Below' which was followed by another message about 'New Content Wolves.'

Returned to Tower, and found Eris Morn, over near the entryway of the North Tower, but when I went up to her, I was shown a quest but was informed that I needed to be Level 20. This puzzled me as to why I received the message to see her, when I wasn't a high enough level. She did have some bounty's available.

Checked with Bounty Tracker, Xander 99-40 but was informed that I needed to be Level 4


Grimiore 65
Kills 54
Precision Kills 22
Arcadia Class Jumpship
Grimiore:    A Guardian Rises
Trophy Shiprite

Leveled to 3
Striker Advancement:    Flashbang Grenade

Disclaimer: I own nothing except the game I play, except the character that is Kadeim, and other guardians he encounters, all other characters and events are copyright of Bungie and Activision. The story involves the dialogs with other Guardians, and the information and dialog of what is in Destiny, which involves copyrighted materials of Bungie and Activision.

Portions of the story are copyright of Kadeim's Destiny. This includes my thoughts about what is going on in Destiny, and that of conversations between Kadeim and the other Guardians that he encounters.
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